Adelat brought together more than 70 professionals from 5 countries to analyze the future of electricity distribution in the Region

It was in the framework of the first session of the Technical Table “Regulation in the future distribution of electrical energy in Latin America”, which will take place over five meetings, in which experts from the sector and professionals from companies will address the future challenges in this segment, with a special focus on Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Colombia.

The objective of this Technical Table organized by the Association of Latin American Electric Power Distributors (Adelat) is to achieve a public position paper with good practices, principles and minimum regulatory guidelines that serve as a model for governments, regulators and investors in the region.

During the first meeting, held on August 23, the outstanding presentations by Tiago de Barros Correia (Brazil), María Claudia Alzate (Colombia), Rodrigo Moreno (Chile) and Alejandro Navarro Espinosa (Chile) allowed an in-depth analysis of the transformations underway, the adoption of new technologies and the modernization of networks.

The event was coordinated and moderated by Aniella Descalzi, Director of Innovation and Strategy at Adelat, and specialist consultant Pedro Miquel. It was attended by more than 70 professionals from the sector, including regulation and planning experts from associated companies: Enel Perú, Enel Colombia, Hidrandina, ElectroDunas, Enel Chile, Chilquinta, EDP (distributors Espirito Santo and São Paulo), Cosern, Enel Brasil (the companies Enel Distribución Goiás, Enel Distribución Ceará, Enel Distribución Río de Janeiro, Enel Distribución São Paulo), Light and Adeera.

The next session, focused on the common challenges faced by the different countries in the region in the electricity distribution segment, will be held on August 30 and will include a special presentation by Pedro Gamio, Master in Public Policy Management and former Vice Minister of Energy of Peru. In addition, questions from the audience from last session will be discussed.

These instances of debate are essential to strengthen ties with important companies in the sector in the region, exchange experiences and, in this way, create synergies to make significant progress together in the best solutions for the enormous challenges we face as distributors of the future.