ADELAT, the first Association of Latin American Electricity Distributors, is officially presented

Focussed on the future, innovation and leadership, electricity distributors from Brazil, Peru, Chile, Colombia and Argentina have joined to promote cooperation and lead the energy transition in the region.

The launch event will be held in hybrid format (face-to-face and virtual) on May 27th and will gather together 30 specialists from the Latin American electricity sector and more than 150 participants.

Those in charge of the opening act will be Antonio Cammisecra, Head Global I&N of Enel; Ramón Castañeda, President of Adelat; Ignacio Santelices, Executive Director of Adelat; and Horacio Nadra, secretary of Adelat, who will moderate the panel “Electricity distribution in the energy transition”. The face-to-face meeting will take place at the headquarters of Enel Distribuição São Paulo.

The leaders of the new Association will analyze how to achieve the objectives proposed for Adelat, whose mission, under the values ​​of commitment, transparency, ethics and responsibility, is to represent the common interests of its members and promote cooperation in order to contribute to its proper performance and strengthen their role as electricity distribution service providers in the region.

In the future ADELAT seeks to become a reference point in the electricity distribution activity. Its purpose is focused on promoting the use of new technologies and best management and sustainability practices in the context of energy transition in Latin America.

Its members are: Enel Perú, Enel Colombia, Hidrandina, ElectroDunas, Enel Chile, Chilquinta, EDP (Espirito Santo and São Paulo distributors), Cosern, Enel Brasil (Enel Distribution Goias, Enel Distribution Ceará, Enel Distribution Rio de Janeiro , Enel Distribution São Paulo), Light and Adeera.

ADELAT aims to:

– achieve cooperation and exchange of information among its members,

– encourage research, development and implementation of new technologies,

– foster sustainable practices and responsible use of electrical energy,

– promote the reliability of distribution networks,

– strengthen the distribution networks adaptation to renewable energy resources,

– work to guarantee electricity service supply and universal access, and

– Represent  the distribution companies interests before international and/or multilRepresent  the distribution companies interests in front of international and/or multilateral institutions and organizations.