Electricity distributors will line up to promote the energy transition in Latin America

15 companies will share best practices in order to prepare for the progressive increase in distributed generation installations with renewable energies, electric vehicle charging and smart metering in distribution networks.

The Association of Latin American Electric Power Distributors (ADELAT) takes firm steps in its constitution. This regional organization created in 2021 has already confirmed its Board of Directors and has begun the establishment of its official headquarters in Peru.

Currently, it has 15 members from countries such as: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru. They are: Adeera, Cosern, EDP Espirito Santo, EDP São Paulo, Enel Ceará, Enel Goiás, Enel Río de Janeiro, Enel São Paulo, Light, Chilquinta, Enel Chile, Enel Codensa, Electrodunas, Enel Perú and Hidrandina.

In a conversation with Energía Estratégica, Claudio Bulacio, manager of the Association of Electric Power Distributors of the Argentine Republic (Adeera), pointed out that Adeera achieved the position of Secretary on the Board of Directors through the representation of its president, Horacio Nadra.

“For now, in the virtual meetings of the Adelat Council, in which Adeera participates, the topics that will be worked on this year have begun to be discussed and the selection process for the executive director of the association is underway.”

“In the second quarter of the year will be the formal launch of Adelat. From there, the executive director will form the working groups with the participation of the companies of each country, prioritizing the issues based on what the board of directors dictates,” Bulacio said.

That work plan would involve the exchange of best practices and innovations in all areas of the distribution sector. Among those linked to the energy transition, Bulacio highlighted distributed generation, smart metering and electric mobility.

To start addressing these issues this year, the Argentine association plans to share, with its Latin American peers, various recent studies and reports that would be of interest to discuss.

“We have many technical works but there is one in particular that we finished at the end of last year that we have called «The Future of Electric Power Distribution» which in some way is our vision of how issues such as the incorporation of distributed generation, electric mobility and smart metering in networks to make it a sustainable process”.

“The idea is to have an international reference that is useful for partner companies, including for the regulators of those countries for the design of the incorporation scheme for this type of system,” concluded the Adeera referent.