Electricity distribution: The key to advancing clean energy

It is possible and urgent to advance strongly in the energy transition and for that to happen, it is essential to work, from now on, on these new regulations and technologies that allow a robust infrastructure for the electrification of consumption and thus guarantee the evolution to a 100% of renewable energy.

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Adelat brought together more than 70 professionals from 5 countries to analyze the future of electricity distribution in the Region

It was in the framework of the first session of the Technical Table “Regulation in the future distribution of electrical energy in Latin America”, which will take place over five meetings, in which experts from the sector and professionals from companies will address the future challenges in this segment, with a special focus on Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Colombia.

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The board of directors of ADELAT were elected

On September 22, the first General Assembly of Adelat (Association of Latin American Electric Power Distributors) was held, the main objective of which was to develop the voting of those responsible for the main positions of the Association. On this occasion, the president of Adeera, Horacio Nadra, was selected to serve as secretary.

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