The board of directors of ADELAT were elected

On September 22, the first General Assembly of Adelat (Association of Latin American Electric Power Distributors) was held, the main objective of which was to develop the voting of those responsible for the main positions of the Association. On this occasion, the president of Adeera, Horacio Nadra, was selected to serve as secretary.

The rest of the board of directors was made up as follows: Ramón Castañeda Ponce from Enel Chile as president, Joao Brito Martins from EDP São Paulo as vice president, Walter Sciutto Brattoli from Electrodunas as treasurer and Fabiano Carvalho from Neoenergía as member.

Finally, Tatiana Lozada and Soraya Ahomed from Enel Perú were elected as executive director and resident administrator, respectively.

The votes were made by the highest authorities of the founding companies: Adeera, Cosern (Neoenergía), EDP Espirito Santo, EDP São Paulo, Enel Ceará, Enel Goiás, Enel Río de Janeiro, Enel São Paulo, Light, Chilquinta, Enel Chile, Enel Codensa, Electrodunas, Enel Perú and Hidrandina.

The main reason for creating the Association of Latin American Electricity Distributors is to encourage collaboration between specialists from different countries, in order to promote tools that allow the market demands to be resolved in the best way.