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The Association of Latin American Electricity Distributors and the World Energy Council in Latin America (WEC, for its acronym in English) formalized a work plan to promote activities and initiatives that contribute to joining efforts towards a clean and fair energy transition for the region.

The work agenda will be aligned with the World Energy Trilemma proposed by WEC to reaffirm the commitment and promote initiatives that collaborate in humanizing energy. In this way, ADELAT joins the cooperation to guarantee equitable access to energy sources, the sustainability of all energy distribution projects and security in energy distribution mechanisms in the region.

“The planning of activities in conjunction with the World Energy Council in Latin America allows us to continue aligned with the World Energy Trilemma and its objectives: energy security, sustainability and equal access. We believe it is a way to push and join forces to achieve a fair and clean energy transition for the region”, Santelices said. 

The aim is to develop strategies to promote improvement opportunities and measure the impact that the energy transition will have on the energy sources of the future.

The executive director of ADELAT, Ignacio Santelieces, and the director of Strategy and Institutional Relations, Aniella Descalzi, met with the Regional Vice Chair of WEC Latam, Claudio Seebach, and the Senior Regional Manager, Haydee Jiménez, to start this mutual cooperation.

“The World Energy Council is the world’s oldest independent and impartial community of energy leaders and professionals. Founded in 1923, it has brought together diverse interests from across the energy ecosystem for a century. Through our vision of Humanizing Energy, we involve more people and communities in accelerating clean and fair energy transitions in all regions of the world,” said Seebach.

From ADELAT, it is a great satisfaction to continue strengthening ties of understanding that allow articulating knowledge, actions and exchanging experiences and contributions from all the actors. This is the way to continue with one of the main objectives: to achieve the benefit of all people through a modernization of electricity distributors within the framework of the energy transition.