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Everyday Impacts

The effect of energy transformation on people's lives

The energy transformation brings with it a cultural change that impacts people's daily habits.

Through public policies, technological development, the active role of prosumers and new consumption habits, we are all protagonists and responsible for building a sustainable and safe future for energy and the environment.

La transformación energética lleva consigo un cambio cultural que impacta en los hábitos cotidianos de las personas. A través de las políticas públicas, el desarrollo tecnológico, el rol activo de los prosumidores y los nuevos hábitos de consumo, todos somos protagonistas y responsables en la construcción de un futuro sustentable y seguro para la energía y el ambiente.

Circular Cities in Latin America: study highlights new sustainable urban development projects

Given the need to promote good socio-environmental practices, the Center for Innovation in Cities of the Faculty of Architecture of the Universidad del Desarrollo (UDD) of Chile and Enel
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Enel X Way presents projects that have been promoting Sustainable Transport in Peru

Lima, May 10, 2023.- Enel X Way, the Enel Group’s global business line dedicated exclusively to electric mobility, presented the range of projects it has been working on in
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Sustainable mobility

The way we mobilize is changing. Around the world, new initiatives emerge every day that open the space to innovative, more sustainable forms of transport, which contribute to improving
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Bioclimatic architecture and the houses of the future

About 36% of the planet’s energy consumption occurs in the construction sector. Buildings are also responsible for 40% of the total CO2 emissions that are emitted in the world
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