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Sustainable mobility

The way we mobilize is changing. Around the world, new initiatives emerge every day that open the space to innovative, more sustainable forms of transport, which contribute to improving the air quality of our cities, contributing to caring for the environment, and therefore improving the quality of life. of people. It is estimated that by 2020 the demand for buses will dominate the market globally, even the most ambitious reports dare to think that by 2040, 80% of the world fleet of municipal buses will be electric, or at least so. reflects the most recent study by BNEF (Bloomberg New Energy Finance).


Bogotá has not been oblivious to this reality. As companies of the Enel Colombia Group, with the purpose of making our capital a smart city, which is a benchmark in Latin America, we have created, developed and implemented initiatives that allow cleaner and healthier mobility. An example of this is the 100% electric Articulated Bus that we have put into circulation in the city, a pilot plan that has been possible to carry out thanks to the joint support of the Bogotá Mayor’s Office and Transmilenio. This is undoubtedly one of the great advances in terms of electrical sustainability in Colombia since it is not only the first of its kind in the world, but it also generates a significant impact in improving the environment and the quality of the city ​​air: to date, in its more than 260 days of operation, it has stopped producing around 84 tons of CO2. (figures from June 2018).

We are convinced that electric mobility is the alternative that will allow us to advance in improving the quality of life in our cities. This motivated us to implement the first pilot plan of 40 completely electric taxis in 2014, being up to now the largest public transport fleet in all of Latin America. For these taxis, there are 4 charging stations with 34 connection points with an installed capacity to serve 308 vehicles per day, this in order to be able to satisfy the demand as electric taxis increase.

But this example that we have been giving is not limited exclusively to public transport, in favor of cleaner mobility, in the city of Bogotá more and more electric vehicles move, and in order to be able to satisfy the demand, we as Group companies At Enel Colombia, we have been working to provide an increasingly better service to the city, delivering more than 15 charging points, which are sustainable electrical installations.

In the second half of this year, together with Bicycle Capital, Supermercados Carulla and the sponsorship of Scotiabank Colpatria, we launched the electric bicycle sharing program called BiciCo, in which through a mobile application people can rent electric bicycles for move around the city.


As a company we think that we must be an example of responsibility, which is why, motivating our employees to be the main ambassadors of sustainable mobility, we launched the ECOCAR program, with which 20 of our collaborators had access to the acquisition of a Renault electric vehicle, which has allowed them to significantly improve their quality of life, reducing CO2 emissions in the city, and offering them the possibility of moving freely around the city, at the time they wish.

In this same sense, we have wanted to impact the workers of our companies in their entirety, for which we have started the MoverNos program. With this initiative we seek to generate transportation habits that are friendly to the environment, health, and mobility in the city, which is why the program invites the employees of our companies to use a shared car or taxi, bike, or walk to commute from home to office.

In the same way, we have managed to continue the E bike to work program for more than seven years, where we have a fleet of 48 electric bicycles that have benefited more than 300 employees of the organization, totaling more than 11,600 trips. The positive learning from this experience prompted us to implement this shared bike concept externally.