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Enel X Way presents projects that have been promoting Sustainable Transport in Peru

Lima, May 10, 2023.- Enel X Way, the Enel Group’s global business line dedicated exclusively to electric mobility, presented the range of projects it has been working on in Peru to promote electromobility. Within the framework of the “Sustainable Transport” event, Alex Ascón, General Manager of Enel X Way presented “The present and Enel X Way’s commitment to electric mobility”, highlighting comprehensive services such as charging as a service and spot sales, and how They are being implemented in different sectors of the country.

“Our goal is to cover the entire coast with chargers in a year and a half, which will totally change the vision of electric mobility in the country,” said Alex Ascón, General Manager of Enel X Way Peru. For this, the commitment of different sectors in the country is necessary, the executive mentioned.

It was highlighted that the company is in the process of building the first recharging yard for 100% electric trucks for its client DP World.

Among other projects presented, the installation of two new chargers for electric vehicles at the BBVA headquarters located in San Isidro stood out. This is a milestone for the banking and electricity sector, since it is the first financial entity in Peru to have this technology in its facilities. The installed construction consists of two 7.4 kilowatt (KW) WayBox chargers, which have a type 2 input cable included. This allows a 50% recharge to be obtained in at least 2 and a half hours.

Regarding the 360° Charging as a Service solutions, the agreement signed between Enel X Way and the concessionaire of road network 4, AUNOR (Autopista del Norte), for the installation of the first fast electric charging network in the Panamericana Norte, which will connect the cities of Lima and Trujillo. The electrical charging network will have 19 chargers, among which are 5 WayPump chargers of 60kw, which will allow charging 80% of the battery of the AUNOR vehicle fleet in approximately 40-45mins, and 100% in approximately 1 hour. . Likewise, 14 WayBox chargers will be implemented that will allow a battery to be charged to 100% in a range of approximately 5 to 7 hours; which will allow supplying 14 vehicles.

Likewise, the recharging solution that Enel X Way offers to the Condestable mining company was highlighted: a 150K Fast-charger, a charger that facilitates the use of an electric truck of 40 gross tons – 25 net tons, for an underground mining operation, reaching to avoid more than 54 tons of CO2 per year.

Alex Ascón also highlighted that among the long-term projects are the recharging hubs, which involve the implementation of infrastructure, chargers and financing.

These and other projects that the company has been working on seek to continue promoting electric mobility in Peru, with the aim of achieving the energy transition in a sector as important as transportation.