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ADELAT is proud to add CENTROSUR to the list of member companies. Its incorporation into the Association of Latin American Electricity Distributors represents a valuable contribution to face together the challenges and opportunities of the energy transition.

Now ADELAT is made up of 15 electricity distribution companies and 2 national entities that are present in six countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

CENTROSUR is an electric power service and general public lighting services company in Ecuador and works together with the Ministry of Energy and Mines of the Government of that country to manage the supply provided to users.

Its objectives include: increasing the level of user satisfaction; expand the coverage, quality and reliability of the service to contribute to social and productive development; incorporate technology as a transversal axis in the service; and improve the management of human talent.

This union will promote the exchange of information and cooperation in various technical and administrative subjects that will result in improvements in the provision of the service. In addition, it will strengthen the research and development of new technologies as well as the dissemination of sustainable practices and promotion of responsible use of electrical energy.

With its increased team, ADELAT moves forward with important initiatives to consolidate the leading role of Distribution System Operators (“DSO”) in the energy transformation that Latin America and the world are going through.