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ADELAT led of the first day of the VIII Energy Week

On Monday, November 6, the VIII Energy Week began, promoted by the Latin American Energy Organization (OLADE), the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining of Uruguay and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

ADELAT had the opportunity to lead an exclusive side event to analyze, together with leading experts from the region, “The role of electricity distributors in enabling the energy transition in Latin America”.

The opening ceremony was led by David Felipe Acosta Correa, president of ADELAT, and Medardo Cadena Mosquera, director of Studies, Projects and Information at OLADE.

“We are faced with the need to be timely and fast so that the region’s industry is competitive”, said Acosta Correa and added that today “we require a deep effort among regulators, operators, academies and governments because distribution It is the great enabler and it is the platform that allows many technologies to be developed”.

Then, the new executive director, Alessandra Amaral, highlighted how the enabling distributor for the energy transition should be and said that it is essential to advance together in renewable energies and electrification, for which modernizing electrical distribution is key.
Subsequently, the panel discussion began with Janina Franco, senior Energy specialist at the World Bank, who assured that the institution’s priority is to support the distributors of the future. “It is essential to change regulatory paradigms and build consensus”, she added.

Ariel Yépez-García, manager of the Infrastructure and Energy sector at the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), elaborated that “working in a coordinated manner with multilateral agencies is key to helping distribution companies close the circle with good regulation, good management and correct political decision-making”.

The third to present was Marcelo Cassin, specialist engineer, professor at the National University of Rosario and vice president of Financial Sustainability and Institutional Development of the Regional Energy Integration Commission (CIER). Cassin reviewed the latest changes in the sector and spoke about the importance of providing greater flexibility to the system. “Continuous improvement and quality of service have to be accompanied by unprecedented investments”, he said.

Finally, Javier San Cristóbal, general manager of the National Administration of Electric Power Plants and Transmissions (UTE), highlighted the progress of smart medition and shared its main advantages. “It allows us much more optimal management of stations and networks”, he explained.

The first day of the VIII Energy Week was attended by the Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining of Uruguay, Omar Paganini, who held the opening ceremony and noted: “Latin America must propose to use its resources to take advantage of the opportunities of the energy transition”.

The official introduced his successor in office, Elisa Facio, who thanked him for the space and indicated: “We believe that the integration and cooperation model is key to the development of a regional energy strategy”.

The event will continue until November 10 in Montevideo, Uruguay. It should be noted that on Thursday the 9th, the president of ADELAT will be part of the debate table “Regulatory challenges and design of future energy markets”. He will be accompanied by Marcelino Madrigal (IDB), Ana Lía Rojas (ACERA A.G.), Sebastián Novoa (AICE), Carlos Batlle López (Universidad de Comillas), Carlos Costa (World Bank) and Silvia Zumárraga (Wartsila).

Find out the complete agenda here:

Thank you for joining us on this first day!