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Innovation, sustainability and market are the main themes of SENDI 2023

The largest event on energy distribution in Latin America will present relevant issues for debate among actors in the sector.

By: SENDI 2023 Team

Innovation, sustainability and market: these are the main topics of debate during the three days of the National Seminar on Electrical Energy Distribution (SENDI) 2023, which will be held from November 7 to 10, in Espíritu Santo.

The largest energy distribution event in Latin America, organized by the Abradee Institute and with EDP Brazil as the host company, seeks to expose the main innovations in the sector, with emphasis on sustainable and high-quality solutions. The trends of digitalization, decarbonization, and decentralization are also relevant for the area, since they are linked to the energy transition.

The SENDI coordinator, Vilmar de Abreu, maintains that when discussing innovation at one of the event tables, the intention is to discuss opportunities for alternative sources and services that can be offered to make a leap in the customer experience. “The objective is also to present trends that inspire changes in the electricity sector and attract investments for research and development, in order to promote innovation and startups, in a context of modernization of the sector”, he adds.

To expand the debate, in addition to the programming that includes renowned exhibitors, the 21 startups selected for SENDI 2023 will have the opportunity to present innovative and disruptive solutions for the area. With their proposals, they will be able to establish new alliances, network and access investors.

By contemplating sustainability, the seminar aims to address the technical challenges of expansion, operation, reliability and quality of the distribution network in the face of the exponential growth of distributed generation and climate impacts.

“Climate adaptation of the energy sector, considering the energy transition and the need for decarbonization for sustainable environmental management, is fundamental and needs to be increasingly put into practice. For this reason, exhibitors will also focus on gathering ideas on how to guarantee financing for the sector in the face of the necessary technological leap, with adequate investor remuneration and fair rates”, said the SENDI coordinator.

Another important aspect for the energy sector is market liberalization. For this reason, SENDI seeks to discuss the opening of the market, which presupposes a set of conditions and regulations so that the migration of consumers to businesses is carried out in a sustainable manner, guaranteeing legal security and regulatory stability.


Sendi is the largest energy distribution event in Latin America and seeks to present the main innovations in the sector, with emphasis on sustainable and high-quality solutions. The trends of digitalization, decarbonization, and decentralization are also relevant for the area, since they are linked to the energy transition.

Developed between November 7 and 10, by the Abradee Institute and with EDP Brasil as the host company, SENDI 2023 will occupy more than 20 thousand square meters in the Carapina exhibition park and will host ExpoSendi, an exhibition in the segment of energy; a conference round with simultaneous exhibitions by renowned specialists, presentation of technical works, the Innovation space and the National Electricians Rodeo.

The central axis of the event will be ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance), addressing environmental, social and governance cases and practices with topics related to the macrotrends of transformation of the energy sector. On the agenda, content such as intelligent network management; customer solutions; trends and incentives for innovation; UND business sustainability; and market liberalization.


XXIV National Seminar on Electrical Energy Distribution (SENDI) 2023

Date: November 7 to 10, 2023

Location: Pavilhão de Carapina, Espírito Santo

Attractions: ExpoSendi; seminars with national and international exhibitors, presentation of technical works and startups and their innovation works; National Rodeo of Electricians, Carta de Vitoria, among others.

Information and registration:

Organization: Abradee Institute and EDP


Organized every two years, the National Seminar on Electrical Energy Distribution (Sendi) is the largest event in this field, in all of Latin America and has been held since 1962. The meeting is a space to present and debate trends in the sector, promote innovation and development, exchange experiences between distribution companies, generate business and networking. The XXIV Sendi takes place between November 7 and 10, in Espírito Santo.

About Abradee

The Brazilian Association of Electricity Distributors (Abradee), organizer of the event, has been working for 47 years in the development of the Brazilian electricity distribution sector and brings together 39 concessionaires throughout the country, serving 99.6% of consumers. An effective agent for the development of the electricity sector, Abradee’s mission is to contribute to a sustainable and efficient electricity distribution sector, with quality services recognized by customers.

About EDP

Present in the country for more than 25 years, EDP is one of the largest private companies in the electricity sector that operates throughout the value chain. With more than 10 thousand direct and outsourced employees, the Company has businesses in Generation, Transmission and Energy Services Solutions aimed at the B2B market, such as solar generation, electric mobility and free energy market. In Distribution, it serves around 3.6 million customers in São Paulo and Espírito Santo, in addition to being the main shareholder of Celesc, in Santa Catarina. In 2022, it was chosen for the third consecutive year as the most innovative company in the electricity sector by the Valor Inovação ranking, of the Valor Econômico newspaper, and is a reference in ESG, occupying, in 2021 and 2022, first place in the Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE) of B3, of which he has been a part for 17 years.