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The Executive Director of Adelat highlighted the key points to achieve the energy transition in the region

Within the framework of the launch of the paper “Regulatory Challenges and Improvements of Electricity Distribution to enable the Latin American Energy Transition”, Ignacio Santelices participated in the radio program “Copyright” to expand the most outstanding points of a key piece of energy development in the region.

Santelices highlighted how the region is deeply working to increase supply capacity using renewable energy and focused on the importance of electrifying consumption.

“In our countries, 20% of the energy consumed is electricity and 80% is from fossil fuels. If we want to start with our energy matrix, we have to electrify consumption”, highlighted Santelices.

The executive director assured that the transition will happen, one way or another, due to the efficiency of electrical technologies and their low cost. He stressed out that “preparing” for when this happens is a fundamental point, with the advent of new technologies that demand so much more from supplies than they currently do.

“We are going to move forward until we gradually have the air conditioning in our homes or companies electrically, electric vehicles are going to enter with force and many industrial uses are also going to be electrified, but unfortunately our cities are not yet ready for that”, he concluded.

With financing such as an essential point, the paper proposes a series of regulatory recommendations to generate the conditions that materialize the necessary investments for the project. It also points out what changes are necessary in the current distribution and seeks to achieve a fair energy transition that enables large-scale development, with the inclusion of new technologies.